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Power and internet connectivity... two things that are tough for us to live without. Our venue partners provide these critical things for us so that our network is able to perform on your playing fields. Sometimes power and internet go out unexpectedly, and it’s frustrating for all of us. The power is currently, partially out at Buckhead Baseball, so we were unable to cover games yesterday. As soon as this is resolved at the ballpark, we’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and if you ever experience issues, give us a shout at support@hicastports.com so we can follow up with you directly. 

HiCast Sports Network to be Featured on Atlanta Tech Edge


We're pretty fired up to have Stephanie Calabrese, our Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, featured in an upcoming Startup Sit Down episode with super cool host (and #baseballmom) Cara Kneer on 11Alive's Atlanta Tech Edge. Catch the episode on Sunday, July 1 at 1:30am and 11:30am or watch online here.


HiCast Sports Network Hot 3 Highlights of the Week 03.29.18 Featuring Baseball USA Powered by Marucci

Check out our first three winners of our weekly Hot 3 Highlights Contest featuring athletes at Baseball USA Powered by Marucci in the TX USSSA Spring Showdown shared by our HiCast Sports Network users: 3. Luis's throw from left field to make the out at home shared by user @alazzan, 2. Julian holding it down at 3rd base with the double play shared by user @mayansbaseball, and 1. Caden's grand slam that sent the Cyclones into the lead and on to the win shared by user @bussjenk

Each week this Spring, we'll feature three of our favorite highlights found in our HiCast Feed from select venues in our HiCast Sports Network. We'll announce winners in the HiCast Feed each week and reach out to each winning HiCast Sports user via email. Winners receive two of our Limited Edition Hometown Legend T-shirts (one for the featured athlete and one for the teammate, family member or coach who created the highlight). Let's see your highlights!

We have winners!

We have winners! Including Diamond Jacks Super 17 third baseman, Felix Diaz, Jr. who gave us the honor of drawing our 10 winners from more than 600 HiCast users who shared their feedback with us.

We met Felix at Diamond Nation and soon after spotted one of his homerun highlights shared by Diamond Nation in their Instagram feed last summer. You can catch him and all the Diamond Jacks in our HiCast Sports Network! What does he love most about the game? "Being able to compete in the box against different pitchers." 

Email announcements to our 10 winners are headed your way today! Each winner receives a FREE 1-Year Family Pass (a $180 value) to our HiCast Sports Network to follow and share the Moments That Matter™ all year long. We're grateful to have you on our team!


Ballparks of America Joins HiCast Sports Network

BOA_Primary.eps (1).png

We're proud to announce Ballparks of America has joined the HiCast Sports Network, a game-changing, subscription-based social broadcast company which allows youth athletes, their coaches, families and friends to view sporting events at top venues across the nation anywhere, anytime, on any device.

HiCast offers an automated, turnkey video technology solution for venue owners and managers who want to provide the ultimate player and fan experience, reach more viewers, engage with fans beyond their stands through shared game highlights via social media, support coaching and player development, and better manage their facility. The HiCast Sports Network installs and maintains a fixed, remote-monitored video camera solution that delivers games live and on-demand. Users get to experience game content not covered by traditional media outlets, and delivered through the HiCast Sports mobile app or web viewer. The app makes it easy for users to not only see the whole game, but to save, trim, zoom and share their Moments That Matter™ in the form of clips or highlight reels in the HiCast youth sports social network and beyond. 

“We are proud to partner with HiCast -- the industry leader in providing parents, grandparents and fans back home live stream coverage of big games at Ballparks of America,” said Ballparks of America Chief Executive Officer Hamilton Chang. 

Ballparks of America takes the travel ball "stay and play" national experience to new levels as teams and their families enjoy a memorable week-long tournament experience, enjoying over 250 family-friendly attractions, amusement & water parks, live shows, shopping, and dining.  HiCast will cover more than 20 tournaments that will bring players from around the world together on new artificial turf fields, each 2/3 scale replicas of five iconic ballparks from Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, Detroit, and New York. Players and their families stay together in Major League-style suites during all summer events. Comfortable stadium seats are located at every field along with concessions and retail, all centered around America’s favorite past-time.

“We’re thrilled that Ballparks of America is now part of the HiCast Sports Network. We’ve appreciated HiCast’s complete coverage at Baseball Heaven (Yaphank, NY) as a valuable add-on to our televised coverage for select games during our National Youth Baseball Championship finals, but it’s really exciting to see that important qualifier tournaments will now have live and on-demand coverage and we’ll be able to share game highlights with our social media followers,” said Nathan Clinkenbeard, Communications Manager, National Youth Baseball Championships.  

 “We’re bringing families and friends together around sporting events no matter where they are located. With HiCast, no one has to miss that great catch or grand slam and we now have a platform to build up our young athletes and celebrate these Moments That Matter™ together,” said Stephanie Calabrese, HiCast co-founder and chief brand officer. 

HiCast Sports Network operates with a robust network of partners (venues) and promoters (sporting leagues and event organizers) with which they cultivate win-win relationships. Currently, the HiCast Sports Network covers hundreds of thousands of youth athletes playing on more than 100 baseball and softball fields at premier venues in Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Texas.

2018 } Are you ready?

We're proud to partner with America's top ballparks to cover your games live and on-demand, and we can't wait to see you share your Moments That Matter™ in 2018. We've been busy all winter long making plans to expand our coverage to more venues and to give you an even better HiCast Sports Network experience. Spring 2018 will be here before we know it, and we're getting ready!

Tyger River Park on the HiCast Sports Network

Tyger River Park sits on 140+ acres in Spartanburg, SC and attracts nearly 2,000 teams each year. This beautiful 12-field venue serves as home base for local youth softball and baseball players, and a comfortable tournament destination for USA Softball of South Carolina and other leagues. In 2018 they'll host the USA Fast Pitch Girls' Class A 12U National Championship. Meet Trey Glover, Park Operations Manager, and Chad Green, USA Softball Commissioner for SC, and hear what they value most about being a part of the HiCast Sports Network.

HiCast Sports Network Hits a Home Run for the Baseball Youth All-American Games

Last weekend, the Baseball Youth All-American Games brought 335 youth athletes from 39 states and three neighboring countries (Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico) together to play ball at Elizabethtown Sports Park in Kentucky. But here's the best part... teammates met for the first time on arrival to the ballpark! 

Photo Courtesy of Baseball Youth

Photo Courtesy of Baseball Youth

The All-American Games gives the best of the best youth baseball players (all nominated) a unique opportunity to team up with fellow athletes across state and country lines to form Baseball Youth teams (United, Eagles, Patriots, Freedom, Stars, and Firecrackers) spanning six different age groups. On the field, you’ll find players identified by their home state or country displayed on the back of their jersey. But beyond the top-notch competition, the All-American Games creates a solid playing field for new friendships to form, uniting diverse players and families.

 "We have players coming from all over the United States and travel is expensive. Not everyone can attend. Parents and grandparents want to see their player participate in an All-American event like this, even though they can't be there in person. People were thrilled that we were doing that. The quality was fantastic. No issues at all. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased by that. Having HiCast Sports Network involved was very valuable for us and we hope to continue that with other events we put on.” Shared Scott Hacker, founder of Baseball Youth.

Scott Hacker (former collegiate and professional player) created Baseball Youth in 2005, starting with the Baseball Youth Magazine. About three years ago, Baseball Youth, began hosting their own youth baseball tournaments, both individual events such as the All-American games and week-long team events with great success, growing their fanbase of followers not only at ballparks but across social media networks, spanning more than 350,000 fans.

Photo Courtesy of Baseball Youth

Photo Courtesy of Baseball Youth

“The All American Games is a unique experience not only for the players, but for families. It's a rare opportunity to play on a team with kids from across the country and it's a bonding experience for the families. These kids come together to play on a team with kids they've never met, and they leave as best buddies. If you're a top level player from Maryland, you're playing with kids at that same level from California, Texas or even Alaska. The whole experience... from the opening ceremonies held at the University of Louisville Jim Patterson Stadium... to workouts and skills measurables, to games all weekend long... it's just very unique." shares Scott Hacker. "It's one of those memories they will never forget from their youth baseball career."

Photo Courtesy of Baseball Youth

Photo Courtesy of Baseball Youth

Each player is asked to share their primary and secondary position, and Baseball Youth puts a lot of effort in forming team rosters that mix players from different states, and not only give athletes     a chance to showcase their skills, but also stretch them by giving them an opportunity to play different positions. "We try to make it a lot less stressful and more enjoyable than playing on their home-based travel ball team." says Scott Hacker. 

HiCast Sports Network set up a temporary network installation at Elizabethtown Sports Park to cover the event on the four key championship fields, and live-streamed select games through Baseball Youth's Facebook page 300k+ followers, to play off live tournament excitement. We provided live and on-demand through our HiCast Sports Network mobile app and web viewer, giving players, coaches and fans the ability to save and share their favorite highlights from the game in the HiCast Sports Network and beyond. User highlights from the tournament appeared in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, receiving thousands of views.


How does Baseball Youth feel about players and fans having the ability to save and share tournament highlights from the HiCast Sports Network? Scott Hacker said, ”It's unbelievable. It's great for the parents. It's great for the venue, and our tournament. You'll see us doing a lot of that as we go through the tournament archive and share highlights through our social networks."

What would Baseball Youth say to venues considering the HiCast Sports Network? "It's a no-brainer. Everything that we requested was done this past weekend, and it worked perfectly in our mind. For any destination-type of venue... why would you not install the HiCast Sports Network and showcase your ballpark? It just makes perfect sense,” shared Scott Hacker.

If you're a tournament director hosting games at venues in our HiCast Sports Network, join our Promoter Program. And if you're hosting tournaments somewhere else, give us a shout and let's team up to cover the venue.

If you're a venue owner or general manager, fill out this form to see you qualify for a limited-time, discount on HiCast Sports Network installation.

Why Diamond Nation Joined the HiCast Sports Network

Diamond Nation in Flemington, NJ, home to the nationally-renowned Jack Cust Baseball Academy and Jennie Finch Softball Academy, is one of the top ballparks in America offering the ultimate player and fan experience for more than 3,000 teams each year. See how they're using the HiCast Sports Network to increase exposure for athletes across the country with recruiters and sharing HiCast highlights to boost the confidence of their athletes and their social media engagement with fans worldwide. And put your eyes on Diamond Jacks Super 16 player Stephen Reid who's already committed to play ball for Georgia Tech. We're proud to cover Diamond Nation.

How Baseball Heaven is Winning with the HiCast Sports Network

Meet our partners at Baseball Heaven, General Manager Frank Zataglio and Travel Team Director and Coach Steve Hassan, and a few of our HiCast Sports subscribers in Yaphank, NY to hear what they have to say about the HiCast Sports Network. At Baseball Heaven, we're covering games for nearly 3,000 teams each year not only in the northeast region, but across the country. Host to the National Youth Baseball Championship for the second year, this iconic ballpark is second to none. We're proud to cover Baseball Heaven.

HiCast Sports Network to Cover the National Youth Baseball Championships at Baseball Heaven

The 10th Annual National Youth Baseball Championships (NYBC) kicks off its Championship Week starting today, July 22 at Baseball Heaven in Yaphank, NY (Long Island) for a major league tournament experience, and ending with championship games for each age division on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30. 

In its 10th year, the NYBC is bringing together the best of the best youth travel baseball players from 9U-14U age divisions representing 70 teams from 14 states across America. Each team had to earn a bid to compete in this final week of championship games by way of NYBC Qualifiers that occurred March - July throughout the US. 

Nathan Clinkenbeard, Communications Manager for Steel Sports, shares, “It all comes down to providing the ultimate tournament for these players and families to experience… beyond the games, we’re providing opening ceremonies, skills competitions, a home run derby and Friday is our big festival day. We understand the time and financial commitment these families make to come to New York for a week and we just want to give back, and celebrate these young athletes and families for all the hard work they put it all season long.”

NYBC was founded in 2008 by former Chicago White Sox vice chairman and minority owner former Eddie Einhorn. His vision was to give youth travel baseball athletes a platform to showcase their skills. Steel Sports expanded the NYBC to include more age groups. “We want to give these players that unique opportunity to play for a national audience. While we get a lot of hype around our 12 games to be televised by CBS Sports, the great news is that ALL of our games at Baseball Heaven will be covered by HiCast Sports Network,” said Clinkenbeard.

How does NYBC feel about HiCast Sports Network putting game highlights in the hands of players and fans at Baseball Heaven? Clinkenbeard answers, “These kids love being able to see their highlights and we love sharing them too in our NYBC social media. Getting exposure for a great hit or a big play is everything to them. These are the future stars. You’ll see many of these players in Major League Baseball one day.”

Catch the entire tournament live or on-demand July 25 - 30 on the HiCast Sports Network. Start your free trial here: http://www.hicastsports.com/baseballheaven

Championship Moments: Triple Crown Sports 2017 U.S. Club Nationals

We're proud to have covered the Triple Crown Sports 2017 U.S. Club Nationals, delivering all games throughout the week live and on-demand to players, coaches, families and friends across America. Championship Day on Saturday, July 22 showcased phenomenal young athletes at legendary East Cobb Baseball Complex. Triple Crown Sports, lead by Executive Director of Baseball Joe Santilli, managed a truly memorable event. High fives to all 900 players and their coaches, and big cheers to these champions:

9U Five Star Tigers Hannah win 5-3 over Five Start Tigers Labbe

10U Five Start Tigers DeMarini win 4-2 over 6-4-3 DB Baseball

11U Five Start Tigers DeMarini win 8-1 over 6-4-3 DB Baseball

12U East Cobb Astros win 16-4 over 6-4-3 DB Baseball

13U Dallas Tigers win 12-7 over East Cobb Astros

14U East Cobb Astros win 13-5 over Tidewater Drillers

Top 3 Final Club Standings:

  1. East Cobb Baseball
  2. Five Star Tigers
  3. 6-4-3 DB Baseball

Replay the games on-demand and save and share your favorite highlights from the tournament. Sign up to watch here: http://www.hicastsports.com/triplecrown

Learn more about the Triple Crown Sports 2017 US Club Nationals.

Welcome Triple Crown Sports 2017 U.S. Club Nationals

Big high fives to the Triple Crown Sports U.S. Club Nationals teams today at Media Day today! We're excited to be covering the tournament live and on-demand starting tomorrow at East Cobb Baseball Complex through championship games on Saturday! Learn more about our partnership with Triple Crown for this tournament and catch these top baseball clubs (900 athletes spanning 9U-14U teams) across America and Ontario, Canada in our HiCast Sports Network as they compete for the crown:

Central Alabama Baseball Academy – Alabama
South Bay Surf Baseball – California
Slammers Baseball – Colorado
Five Star Tigers – Florida
6-4-3 DP Athletic – Georgia
Georgia Bombers Baseball – Georgia
East Cobb Baseball – Georgia
EvoShield Canes Baseball – North Carolina
Mound Time Baseball – Oregon
Dallas Tigers Baseball Club – Texas
Dallas Patriots Baseball – Texas
Tidewater Drillers – Virginia
Field House Pirates – Ontario, Canada

See the full tourney game schedule and results.

Crack of the Bat and Neigh of the Horse?

We're always up for a challenge, of course! Today and tomorrow we're covering the H.J. Fox Summer Classics event featuring Hunters and Jumpers live and on-demand at the Georgia International Horse Park. This event is a first trial run of our ability to cover an equestrian event, and we couldn't be more excited by the horses and their fine folks.

Covering an equestrian event brings the challenge of a super wide-angle view to cover all of the action. For this event, we've created zoomed views to offer a closer look on three of the rings. For the future, we're working on a solution that will give you the ability to more seamlessly shift between a wide-angle view and supporting zoomed views while you're watching an event, making it possible for you to save and share highlights that cross multiple views. This experience is a solid step for us in that direction.

We're also planning to make way for more sports in the app, so when you tag your Moments That Matter™, you can choose from custom tags specific to the sporting event you're watching and organize your venues and highlights by sport. These things take time, but we're excited about what's to come, and sharing a heartfelt welcome to our new equestrian athletes and their families and all of you horse show fans.

Triple Crown Sports Teams Up with HiCast Sports Network to Bring Families Across America Together on One Playing Field

Triple Crown Sports will host its second annual US Club Nationals at legendary East Cobb Baseball Complex in Marietta, Georgia on July 18 - 22, bringing together 12 baseball clubs from across the country and one from Canada representing 900 youth athletes from 9U to 14U age divisions to compete for coveted championship titles. Even though each of the teams will be competing in their own age divisions, they’ll be earning points for their clubs. Triple Crown Sports will crown one club the overall champion at the closing ceremonies to be held at The Battery Atlanta and SunTrust Park (home of the Atlanta Braves) on July 22.

Joe Santilli, Executive Director of Baseball for Triple Crown Sports, shares “The geographic representation is phenomenal. We limit how many clubs we invite from each region. Our criteria is not just performance on the field. We invite clubs that are highly competitive and highly organized. They’ll be 10-16 games in each division, but because of the high caliber of play, you know every game is going to be a good one.” Clubs represented in this year’s event include:

  • Alabama – Central Alabama Nationals
  • California – South Bay Surf
  • Colorado – Slammers Baseball
  • Florida – Five Star Tigers
  • Georgia – 6-4-3 DB Baseball, Georgia Bombers and East Cobb Baseball
  • North Carolina – EvoShield Canes
  • Oregon – Mound Time Baseball
  • Texas – Dallas Patriots and Dallas Tigers
  • Virginia – Tidewater Drillers
  • Ontario, Canada – Fieldhouse Pirates

Triple Crown Sports selected East Cobb Baseball Complex to host the US Club Nationals because of the park’s reputation. “It’s a beautiful facility. Well kept. The East Cobb Baseball organization is legendary in travel baseball. And what we saw last year with the HiCast Sports Network at East Cobb Baseball Complex was just great. It enhanced the experience,” shared Santilli. True to their core value of putting “Family First,” Triple Crown Sports goes beyond the competition on the field to create a fun experience for the whole family including tickets to an Atlanta Braves game and tours at the new SunTrust Park and entertainment at The Battery Atlanta.

“Triple Crown Sports is about building memories. And our events are all about providing those moments that will give someone a lifelong memory. When I was originally involved as a coach with Triple Crown Sports, I still have these crystal clear memories in my head of teams that I coached in the Steam Boat World Series, but HiCast is actually capturing those memories. So no matter how clear it is in my head, no matter how I explain these memories to someone, it’s never going to be the same. HiCast makes it possible for someone to save and actually show it to someone. Triple Crown Sports is creating the event for these memories to happen, and HiCast is capturing them, which is just a great addition and a great partnership for us.”

Catch the entire tournament live or on-demand July 18-22 on the HiCast Sports Network using your mobile device or computer and use our HiCast Sports mobile app to save and share your favorite highlights from the tournament. Championship Games for 13U and 14U will also be televised on ESPN3.

Covering the Leap of Faith at Baseball Heaven

Salvatore Catanzaro of Woodridge, NJ started playing baseball at age four at the local YMCA in Garfield, NJ. While most kids his age were focused on learning to hit the ball off a tee, Salvatore’s dad Sal was pitching balls to him from the get-go in the backyard or at the local park. “As soon as he was able to stand up and walk, he had a bat in his hand,” shared Sal Catanzaro.

By age six, his early skill in the recreational league caught the eye of a Legit Baseball Club coach. They sought him out to join their competitive team of top players throughout Bergen County – a team of eight and nine year-olds. “He was pitching, and he held his own despite the age difference,” said Sal. Salvatore’s been playing for the Legit Baseball Club travel team ever since, competing in tournaments not only in the northeast, but up and down the east coast. Salvatore will often play 5-6 games most weekends throughout the spring and summer months. “It’s a lot of commitment and sometimes it’s tough, but it’s fun,” shares Sal. 

While many young athletes playing travel baseball tend to focus intensively on the sport year-round to stay competitive, Salvatore builds his confidence and skills with a focus on speed and agility – training four days each week, while playing other sports year round.

But something special happened on a baseball field at Baseball Heaven in Yaphank, NY on Saturday, June 10. Salvatore’s team, Legit Baseball Club 10U, was playing in one of several National Youth Baseball Championship Qualifier games that weekend. It was the third inning of the game, and Salvatore’s team had the lead but the score was close. Salvatore had just stolen third base. His coach at third told Salvatore that if the catcher drops the ball and it goes behind him, “You’re stealing on the pitch.” 

And it happened. Salvatore shared, “I was ready to run, but then I hesitated to go back to the base. And then I was like, ‘you know what, I’m just gonna go.’ I was going and when the catcher got the ball I thought ‘oh no, why am I doing this?’ and I had to think of something fast. I’m too small to run over the catcher, but I knew I could jump over him, so I did.” And after the umpire called “Safe!”… Salvatore shared, “I felt amazing.”

But his dad wasn’t there to see it. “I couldn’t make it to the game because I had to work,” shared Sal. He works for the Post Office so he’s never able to make his son’s games on Saturdays. Shortly after Salvatore scored, a dad of a teammate sent a text message to Sal telling him that his son just jumped over the catcher to score. Sal confessed that he didn’t think much about it, even after Salvatore came home after the game and told him about it. “I just thought, he does crazy stuff like this all the time.”

The next morning, another teammate’s dad used the HiCast Sports mobile app to replay that highlight from the game on-demand. The HiCast Sports Network covers games live and on-demand in partnership with Baseball Heaven and other top ballparks nationwide. The user saved the video highlight from the game, and shared it with Sal via text message so he could watch it.

Sal said, “I didn’t think anyone had video of it. It was just so clear. If I had been there video taping it, it wouldn’t have been the same because the camera angle was so perfect. Having the HiCast Sports Network there… it was just meant to be. When I saw the video and showed it to Salvatore, he said ‘I told you I did that!’ He was very happy that it was actually on a video that he could save and share with his friends.” Salvatore texted the video to his friends and shared it on his Instagram account. What did his friends think? Salvatore replied, “Some of them didn’t even believe it was me!” 

Sal shared the highlight with a friend who shared the highlight on Twitter and within no time, the video went viral – viewed, retweeted, shared, and applauded by millions of fans worldwide throughout social media, fueled by traditional media shares from ESPN, USA Today, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and the Washington Post. The highlight went on to land in the number one spot of Sports Center’s Top Ten Plays of the week. “I was amazed. I felt really proud,” said Salvatore. 

The Washington Post likened Salvatore’s jump over the catcher to a similar move unsuccessfully executed by MLB Pirates player Andrew McCutchen just the week before, but Salvatore hadn’t seen it. Sal shared, “The funny thing is, he didn’t copy anyone. He rarely watches TV because he’s always doing something outside. The timing of it was pure coincidence.”

Sal shared, “There were lots of comments on the video and I’ve read some but the one that really stood out to me was from a guy who said, ‘If this was my son, I’d be so proud of him.’ I’m not sure who wrote it, but it was a really nice comment. It was a special moment. I’m so happy that HiCast Sports has cameras at these fields.”

“We’re all about bringing families together around youth sports and giving our users the power to save and share the moments that matter with the people who matter most. We’re proud to partner with our venues like Baseball Heaven across the country to cover memorable moments like this one by Salvatore.” said Stephanie Calabrese, Chief Brand Officer and Co-founder of the HiCast Sports Network.

Salvatore and his team lost their semi-final game that weekend and didn’t qualify for the National Youth Baseball Championship Finals, but you can find Salvatore in a number 7 jersey pitching or playing center field (or over home plate doing the #salvatoresteal) for the Legit Baseball Club on the HiCast Sports Network at Baseball Heaven in Yaphank NY, Diamond Nation in Flemington, NJ and Sports at the Beach in Georgetown, DE.

This video is © HiCast Sports Network. For media inquiries or usage requests, send an email to: scalabrese@hicastsports.com

East Cobb Baseball on the HiCast Sports Network

We're proud to partner with East Cobb Baseball Complex where we're covering their nationally-ranked East Cobb Baseball teams and travel ball tournaments lead by Triple Crown Sports, Perfect Game, CABA and Travel Ball Select hosted at this legendary ballpark in Marietta, Georgia.

Documenting a Day at East Cobb Baseball Complex

Guerry Baldwin, founder of East Cobb Baseball Complex

Guerry Baldwin, founder of East Cobb Baseball Complex

We sure loved documenting a day at East Cobb Baseball Complex. ECB is the legendary, nationally-recognized youth baseball program and facility lead by founder Guerry Baldwin with support from his top-notch staff including Director of Baseball Operations, Jamie Crane. 

"Do we have really good players? We do. Have we had a lot who have done incredibly well? We have. But it's also about kids having fun with the game, and getting better no matter what their level is." – Guerry Baldwin

Wishing BIG luck to Caleb Reis, 16-year old athlete for the ECB Astros. Catcher, pitcher and first baseman. Super impressed with this young man who spent time with us yesterday. His high school team, Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, will play in the State Championship game at ECB this Monday night.

We can't wait to share the video story with you! And we sure are proud to have ECB among our partners.

Caleb Reis, ECB Astros 16U, catcher, pitcher and first baseman

Caleb Reis, ECB Astros 16U, catcher, pitcher and first baseman

Jamie Crane, Director of Baseball Operations at East Cobb Baseball Complex

Jamie Crane, Director of Baseball Operations at East Cobb Baseball Complex

Android? We've got you covered.


We're excited to announce the official release of our HiCast Sports App for Android today! Now you can stay in the game and share the Moments That Matter™ using any device. Anytime. Anywhere. Create your HiCast Sports account to get started, then download our app from the Google Play Store.

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