Championship Moments: Triple Crown Sports 2017 U.S. Club Nationals

We're proud to have covered the Triple Crown Sports 2017 U.S. Club Nationals, delivering all games throughout the week live and on-demand to players, coaches, families and friends across America. Championship Day on Saturday, July 22 showcased phenomenal young athletes at legendary East Cobb Baseball Complex. Triple Crown Sports, lead by Executive Director of Baseball Joe Santilli, managed a truly memorable event. High fives to all 900 players and their coaches, and big cheers to these champions:

9U Five Star Tigers Hannah win 5-3 over Five Start Tigers Labbe

10U Five Start Tigers DeMarini win 4-2 over 6-4-3 DB Baseball

11U Five Start Tigers DeMarini win 8-1 over 6-4-3 DB Baseball

12U East Cobb Astros win 16-4 over 6-4-3 DB Baseball

13U Dallas Tigers win 12-7 over East Cobb Astros

14U East Cobb Astros win 13-5 over Tidewater Drillers

Top 3 Final Club Standings:

  1. East Cobb Baseball
  2. Five Star Tigers
  3. 6-4-3 DB Baseball

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