Announcing the Winners of Our 2018 HiCast Sports MVP Awards Presented by Rawlings

December 10, 2018 – HiCast Sports Network in partnership with Rawlings Sporting Goods is proud to announce the grand prize winners of the HiCast Sports 2018 Awards for Youth Baseball chosen by our judge, Legendary Hall of Fame Shortstop Ozzie Smith. His comments follow each winning highlight below.

Most Valuable Defensive Plays

  1. Jeremy Payne’s Diving Catch for Sta-Mo Storm Major Baseball 13U at Shortstop at Baseball USA in Houston, TX shared by HiCast user: divalishish24 from TX – “He had to range far to his left and go airborne. Showed great athleticism.”

  2. Mitchell Kahlenberg’s Diving Catch in Right Field for SBA - Mendez 14U at Shipyard Park in Charleston, SC shared by HiCast user: tctiger33 from SC – “He made a great recovery on a ball that was hard to judge off the bat.”

  3. Lukas Loring’s Diving Stop and Throw at Short Stop for the Out for Bagel Bombers 12U at Sports at the Beach in Georgetown, DE shared by HiCast user: Mloring from MD – “Good instincts and good reaction.”

Most Valuable Offensive Plays

  1. Erick Diaz’s 2-Run Home Run for Jersey Storm 12U at Diamond Nation in Flemington, NJ shared by HiCast user: heriberto from NJ – “Very big league.”

  2. Kevin Henrich’s 2-Run Home Run for Bellringers National 13U at Baseball Heaven in Yaphank, NY shared by HiCast user: Henrich_kevin from PA – “He had great approach and a great swing.”

  3. Zach Turko’s Inside-the-Park Grand Slam for Diamond Studs 15U at Diamond Nation in Flemington, NJ shared by HiCast user: eturko from NJ – “Ran hard right off the bat which forced the defense to make a play.

Learn more about our 2018 HiCast Sports MVP Awards Presented by Rawlings and be sure to save your highlights in our app’s HiCast Feed throughout 2019 to be automatically entered in our contests and chances to be featured this year.

Announcing the Top 10 Finalists for Best Offensive and Defensive Plays in the HiCast Sports 2018 MVP Awards Presented by Rawlings


On December 1, 2018 at 12:00am ET, the polls closed for the online voting phase of the HiCast Sports 2018 MVP Awards for Youth Baseball Presented by Rawlings. The Top 25 Semi-Finalists (selected from more than 4,000 eligible highlights shared in the HiCast Sports Network from venues across America) representing the Most Valuable Plays for Offensive and Defense that received the highest number of votes secured their spots as Top 10 Finalists and now move on to the judging phase of our contest.

Ozzie pic.jpg

The contest is now in the hands of our judge, Legendary Hall of Fame Shortstop Ozzie Smith. Former MLB player for the San Diego Padres and St. Louis Cardinals from 1978 to 1996, Ozzie Smith set major league records for career assists and double plays by a shortstop, as well as the National League record with 2,511 career games at the position. He won the Rawlings Gold Glove Award for play at shortstop for 13 consecutive seasons (1980–92) and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2002. He will select our Top 3 Best Offensive Plays and Top 3 Best Defensive Plays and we’ll announce the winners on Monday, December 10.

All prizes are provided by Rawlings Sporting Goods. Offensive MVP Winners receive custom gloves and Defensive MVP Winners receive the new 2019 Quatro bats. All Finalists receive the new Mach batting helmet.

Congratulations to our HiCast Sports 2018 MVP Award Finalists! Tap to view each award-winning highlight covered by the HiCast Sports Network.

Top 10 Best Offensive Plays

  1. Jared Scharlat inside-the-park grand slam at Baseball Heaven shared by HiCast user caryscharlat

  2. Kyle Urban Grand Slam. Bethpage Eagles 17U at Sports at the Beach shared by HiCast user kylurban

  3. Doron Griffin's First Home Run. DE Diamond Kings 11U at Sports at the Beach shared by HiCast user doritrg

  4. Ulisses' Base Running Skills Sends the Runner Home to Score. Jersey Boyz Baseball Club at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast User Jax61904

  5. Connor's Grand Slam at Sports at the Beach shared by HiCast user lorjas

  6. Erick Diaz's 2-Run Home Run. Jersey Storm 12U at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast user heriberto

  7. Jacoby Harnen First Out-of-the-Park Home Run. MVP Bluejackets 11U at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast user ajharnen

  8. Kingsten Davis' Grand Slam. Houston 24K at Traction Sportspex shared by HiCast user Kingsten8

  9. Kevin Henrich's 2-Run Home Run. Bellringers National 13U in the NYBC at Baseball Heaven shared by HiCast user Henrich_kevin

  10. Zach Tutko Inside-the-Park Grand Slam. Diamond Studs 15U at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast user etutko

Top 10 Best Defensive Plays

  1. Michael Scotto's Diving Catch in Left Field. South Shore Sharks 10U at Sports at the Beach shared by HiCast user rscotto

  2. Vincent Fattore's Diving Catch in Center Field. Diamond Jacks 14U at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast user lisapooh9

  3. Mitchel Kahlenburn's Diving Catch in Right Field. SBA - Mendez 14U at Shipyard Park shared by HiCast user tctiger33

  4. Shortstop Lukas Loring's Diving Stop & Throw for the Out. Bagel Bombers 12U at Sports at the Beach shared by HiCast user Mloring

  5. Jeremy Payne's Diving Catch at Shortstop. Stamo Storm Major Baseball 13U at Baseball USA shared by HiCast user divalishish24

  6. Jonah James Rocha makes the game-winning catch that took the 8U Texas Mizuno into the semi-final game at Baseball USA shared by HiCast user rubtar

  7. DP by Forrest Mitterbauer 1st, Pitcher Vince Cannizzaro, Catcher Joshua Nachmann. SKD Aces 10U at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast user mauracarland

  8. Brayden Cole's Diving Catch in Center Field. Scorpions 10U at Baseball USA shared by HiCast user Pcole1128

  9. Catcher Jacob Fontenot and Pitcher Conley Goodlife Play at the Plate. Leopard Dawgs 9U at Traction Sportsplex shared by HiCast user leoparddawg2018

  10. Nate Spingler's Diving Catch at Shortstop. All Out Pack 9U at Diamond Nation shared by HiCast user dollardave96

We’ll announced the winners right here on Monday, December 10!

HiCast Sports Network Partners with Rawlings® to Award the Most Valuable Plays in Youth Baseball


ATLANTA – November 19, 2018 – HiCast Sports Network, a game-changing, subscription-based social broadcast company which allows youth athletes, their coaches, families and friends to view and engage with sporting events at top venues across the nation anywhere, anytime, on any device, is proud to host the HiCast Sports 2018 MVP Awards recognizing the most valuable offensive and defensive plays in youth baseball in partnership with Rawlings. From more than 4,000 video highlight entries saved and shared by HiCast Sports mobile app users from top ballparks across the country, the HiCast Sports team selected and announced the Top 50 Semi-Finalists on November 5th. These impressive plays include a runner’s leap over the catcher to score, diving catches, first home runs, stellar base stealing, an unassisted double play, a game-winning grand slam and more. Featured youth baseball players range from age eight to 18 and reside across America.

The contest is currently in its online voting phase, whereby anyone can cast a vote for one or more of their favorite plays from the 50 Semi-Finalists by November 30, 2018 at: Highlights receiving the most votes secure spots among the Top 10 Finalists for Best Offensive Play and Top 10 Finalists for Best Defensive Play on December 1, 2018. Finalists will go before a professional ballplayer judge, provided by Rawlings. He will choose three winners in each category, and winners will be announced on the HiCast Sports website on December 10, 2018.

For the HiCast Sports MVP Awards, Rawlings provides a powerful lineup of prizes. These include the new 2019 Quatro Bats for the three Best Offensive Play winners and custom gloves for the three Best Defensive Play winners; new Mach batting helmets for the finalists; and sackpacks for all semi-finalists.

“We really value the opportunity to celebrate these young players and their Moments That Matter™. We’ve enjoyed watching and sharing their highlights in our app and in social media all year long, and felt that this contest would be a really fun and meaningful way to elevate some of their most memorable moments with a broader audience and to reward them. Teaming up with Rawlings took our initial idea for the contest to the next level, and we’re thrilled with the response we’ve had from our users and the general public’s support of these youth athletes. Tens of thousands of fans have viewed our Semi-Finalists’ highlights within the first week of the online voting phase of the contest,” said Stephanie Calabrese, HiCast Sports Network Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer.

“Youth sports is important to us. Teaming up with the HiCast Sports Network to honor these young athletes and reward their achievements on the playing field is exciting. Capturing and sharing memorable moments like these 50 Semi-Finalists’ highlights not only builds confidence for these kids, but it brings people together around a game we love. We’re happy to be a part of that,” shared Mark Kraemer, Director, Sports Marketing for Rawlings Sporting Goods.

About HiCast Sports Network

HiCast Sports Network offers an automated, turnkey video technology solution for venue owners and managers who want to provide the ultimate player and fan experience, reach more viewers, engage with fans beyond their stands through shared game highlights via social media, support coaching and player development, and better manage their facility. The app makes it easy for users to not only see the whole game, but to save, trim, zoom and share their Moments That Matter™ in clips or highlight reels.

HiCast operates with a robust network of partners (venues) and promoters (sporting leagues and event organizers) with which they cultivate win-win relationships. In 2018, HiCast Sports Network users from around the world have watched more than 2 million game minutes featuring hundreds of thousands of athletes playing on more than 100 baseball and softball fields at premier venues in Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Texas.

Find HiCast Sports online at: and cast your vote for the HiCast Sports 2018 MVP Awards Presented by Rawlings at:

About Rawlings

Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer and marketer of sporting goods worldwide. Founded in 1887, Rawlings is an authentic global sports brand, trusted by generations of athletes of all skill levels. Rawlings’ unparalleled quality, innovative engineering and expert craftsmanship are the fundamental reasons why more professional athletes, national governing bodies and sports leagues choose Rawlings. Rawlings is the Official Ball Supplier and Batting Helmet of Major League Baseball®, the official baseball of Minor League Baseball™ and the NCAA®, and the approved baseball, basketball, football and softball of the National High School Federation®. For more information, please visit or by phone at (314) 819-2800.

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We have winners!

We have winners! Including Diamond Jacks Super 17 third baseman, Felix Diaz, Jr. who gave us the honor of drawing our 10 winners from more than 600 HiCast users who shared their feedback with us.

We met Felix at Diamond Nation and soon after spotted one of his homerun highlights shared by Diamond Nation in their Instagram feed last summer. You can catch him and all the Diamond Jacks in our HiCast Sports Network! What does he love most about the game? "Being able to compete in the box against different pitchers." 

Email announcements to our 10 winners are headed your way today! Each winner receives a FREE 1-Year Family Pass (a $180 value) to our HiCast Sports Network to follow and share the Moments That Matter™ all year long. We're grateful to have you on our team!