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If you host tournaments at ballparks in our HiCast Sports Network, we’ll put the games in the hands of players, families and fans so they can watch live or on demand, and share the Moments That Matter™.

And we’ve got you covered, too!

You’ll earn 10% of our net revenue for every subscriber you bring to the HiCast Sports Network. Become a Promoter on our team and just spread the word that we’re covering your tournament. It’s a win-win!

    It’s easy…

    1. Sign up as a Promoter now by submitting the form below.
    2. We provide you with a unique Promoter Webpage and sample promo text and graphics to share.
    3. You promote our coverage of your tournament using your website, email, text, and social media to your teams and families, driving folks to your Promoter Webpage.
    4. We share 10% of our net sales with you for every HiCast Pass sold through your Promoter Webpage.
    5. We give you up to 5 FREE Staff Passes so you and your team can share the Moments That Matter™ from your tournament.

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    After you submit this form, we'll contact you with our Promoter Program Agreement for you to review and sign. After that, we'll give you your unique Promoter Webpage with promo text and graphics so you can start promoting our coverage of your tournament right away!

    Playing at ballparks outside of our network? Let’s team up! Put us in touch with your ballpark contacts and we’ll see if they qualify for free installation.

    Contact: Robert Stribling | 770-335-9940 |