Crack of the Bat and Neigh of the Horse?

We're always up for a challenge, of course! Today and tomorrow we're covering the H.J. Fox Summer Classics event featuring Hunters and Jumpers live and on-demand at the Georgia International Horse Park. This event is a first trial run of our ability to cover an equestrian event, and we couldn't be more excited by the horses and their fine folks.

Covering an equestrian event brings the challenge of a super wide-angle view to cover all of the action. For this event, we've created zoomed views to offer a closer look on three of the rings. For the future, we're working on a solution that will give you the ability to more seamlessly shift between a wide-angle view and supporting zoomed views while you're watching an event, making it possible for you to save and share highlights that cross multiple views. This experience is a solid step for us in that direction.

We're also planning to make way for more sports in the app, so when you tag your Moments That Matter™, you can choose from custom tags specific to the sporting event you're watching and organize your venues and highlights by sport. These things take time, but we're excited about what's to come, and sharing a heartfelt welcome to our new equestrian athletes and their families and all of you horse show fans.