Your Questions, Our Answers

Game Coverage

+ Are games delivered "live" and is that the same thing as "live-stream" coverage?

We capture live events from venues in our HiCast Sports Network and automate the delivery of that video coverage to you as quickly as we can reliably move that video from the ballpark to your device or computer. Our standard "live" delivery is typically 2-4 minutes behind the actual game time. We choose to not "livestream" games, but instead use our own unique video capture, process and delivery solution. Our solution enables us to more reliably save and deliver your games in the event of an unexpected power or internet outage as we have redundant methods to save your important memories built into this solution. But we know speed is important.

We aim to increase the speed of live game delivery, without impacting the quality and reliability of saving and delivering your important memories to you.

+ What causes delays in "live" video playback and what can I do to make it better?

Many things can cause delays in our ability to deliver the game as close as possible to live time, and most of these things are beyond our control. Internet connectivity speed provided by our venues in the HiCast Sports Network is a factor and one we monitor together with our venue partners.

Your internet connectivity speed is also a factor. As you know, wifi and data network performance speeds vary greatly depending on your location. Some wifi networks block video content, although this may not be publicized to you. If you find that video performance is delayed (or videos are not playing at all) on the wifi network you are currently using, try moving to your data network to see if this improves your performance. Your data network speed will vary depending on your location and carrier, so keep in mind that your speed may improve when you change locations, like moving from the ballpark to your home.

If you've tried changing between your wifi and data network, and still find that video performance is excessively delayed or not playing at all, give us a shout and we'll do our best to help resolve the problem.

+ How do I know if HiCast is covering my game?

Our venue partners set your game days and we set our cameras to follow their schedules. Our standard recording schedule on game days begins early in the morning and ends at 11:59pm. We know that games can stretch into extra innings or get delayed by rain, so we typically schedule our recording times by the day, not by the start and end time of each game. This is why you might not see a game happening on each of our fields at all times.

To check a field camera status at your venue, go to the Venues screen in our app and choose the venue you'd like to see. The selected venue screen will display a list of fields (or cameras). Tap to view the field event video. On the event video screen, you can change the date and time to find your game. If you don't see your game at the designated date and time on that field, give us a heads up and we'll look into it for you.

+ I don't see my game in the app. What should I do?

There could be a couple reasons that might cause this.

It's possible that your game was scheduled on a day and time that falls outside of the schedule we've received from the venue. Give us a heads up! We monitor our incoming Support messages every day and we'll turn on the cameras as quickly as we can. We don't want to miss a single minute!

It's possible that the power or internet connection might be temporarily down at the venue. This is beyond our control and can be frustrating, but power and internet access are critical elements in our ability to serve up your games. In the case of an internet outage, our cameras continue to record games. When internet connectivity is back up, we will make your game video available within our app to view on-demand, but this could take a couple of hours or days depending on the length of outtage time.

It's also possible that a camera or another element of our network equipment at the venue might be down. We monitor our network 24/7 and resolve equipment fixes remotely and, if necessary, on-site with support from our venue partners as quickly as possible. We don't want to miss a single minute of your games, so please know that resolving equipment outtages is a high priority for us.

Getting Started as a New User

+ What do I need to do get started?

We've happy to have you! Take a look at this Welcome page and we'll guide you through the process.

+ What device do I need to view the HiCast Sports Network?

You need an iOS device (an iPhone or iPad) to use our mobile app. Our iOS version is optimized for iPhone display, but it will run fine on an iPad. You'll just need to scroll around the screen a bit. When you create your HiCast Sports account, you can access your account on any of these devices, at any time.

Our Web Viewer gives you the ability to watch events live and on-demand, and view our subscribers' highlights shared in our HiCast Feed through your computer's browser or mobile device browser. If you are an Android user, the web viewer is your solution as we are no longer offering our Android app for download from the Google Play Store. The web viewer doens't have the ability to save and share highlights, but it's a great way to watch the game live or on-demand.

+ Can I watch games on my computer?

Yes! You can watch events live and on-demand and our subscribers' shared highlights using our browser-based Web Viewer on your computer (desktop or laptop). We recommend you use the Chrome browser for optimal performance. When you create your HiCast Sports account, you can enjoy the HiCast Sports Network on your computer or mobile device.

+ Can I watch highlights or highlight reels on my computer?

Yep! HiCast Sports mobile app subscribers can create and share highlights and highlight reels from games delivered in our HiCast Sports Network. When a subscriber shares a highlight or a highlight reel in our HiCast Feed, that highlight can now be shared with family and friends in the form of a link which can be delivered in a text message or an email. When the family member or friend receives the message or email, they can simply tap on the link to view the highlight or highlight reel in any web browser on a computer or mobile device.

+ My grandparents aren't really comfortable using apps on their mobile phones. Is there an easy way to share my game highlights?

Yes, it's super easy. When you share a highlight or a highlight reel in our HiCast Feed, that highlight can now highly sharable. Just tap the share icon (the arrow icon to the right of the comment icon) below your highlight in your profile, and tap to "Share via Email" or "Share via Message" to send a link to your highlight. When your grandparents (or anyone else) receive the email or message, they can simply tap on the link to view your highlight or highlight reel in any web browser on a computer or mobile device.

+ Can I watch a game from the past?

Yep! If you are a HiCast Sports Network subscriber with an active Pass (a free trial, or a paid pass), you've got immediate access to all games on-demand up to 90 days following the date it was recorded.

To view a game from our archive:

  1. Choose the Venue and Field. The Event screen will appear and default view to the current or most recent date of footage available.
  2. Tap on the date above the video window to reveal a calendar. Tap on the date you wish to view. The Event screen will update displaying the date you selected and default to the earliest hour of footage available.
  3. Tap on the hour picker below the video window to choose the start time of your game.

+ What's the cost to subscribe to the HiCast Sports Network?

Our HiCast Sports app is a free download and you've got a 1-hour free trial pass. You'll get access to all of our events, live and on-demand, from all of our venue partners across the country, and a chance to try our cool features. If you'd like to download your game highlights, and extend your viewing time, you'll need to purchase a pass.

After your free trial, you can pick the pass that's right for you to keep your subscription to the HiCast Sports Network. You can buy one of three pass options here:

Seven-Day Pass – $12.99 (one time pass, non-recurring)
Monthly Pass - $12.99 per month (recurring)
Family Monthly Pass - $19.99 per month (up to four users, recurring)

Your pass purchase keeps the network running and helps us reach more sports venues across the country.

+ I signed up for a Family Pass. How do I add family members?

Once you create your account and buy a family pass using that account, you can add family members after each has created their own account and their free one-hour trial has expired. You can remove family members at any time. Just follow these steps:

  1. Ask each family to create their own account so each person has a username.
  2. Go to your Profile and tap on the gear (settings) icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. On the Settings screen, tap on "Add Family Members"
  4. Search for your family members and tap to add them.
  5. When your family members login to their accounts, they will now see that their Family Pass has been activated on their Profile screen in the upper right corner of the screen.

+ My Free Trial Pass has expired, but I saved and shared highlights during the trial period. Do I get to keep them?

Of course. As long as you keep your HiCast Sports account, you have access to your Profile, the HiCast Feed (where you can view highlights shared by subscribers), and your Saved Highlights and Highlight Reels. When you're ready to watch live events, and save and share highlights, just tap on the Buy Pass link on your Profile or in Settings. You can pick the Pass that's right for you.

+ After my paid pass expires, can I do anything in the app for free without a buying a pass?

Absolutely! We're happy to keep you as a user. As long as you keep your HiCast Sports account, you have access to your Profile, the HiCast Feed (where you can view highlights shared by subscribers), and any Saved Highlights and Highlight Reels you created during an active subscription period. When you're ready to watch live events, and save and share highlights, just tap on the Buy Pass link on your Profile or in Settings. You can pick the Pass that's right for you.

+ How can I cancel my monthly pass subscription?

To cancel an active monthly pass you set up through your Apple iTunes account...

Follow these steps for iTunes

To cancel an active monthly pass you set up through our website, in our app, go to the Profile screen. Tap on your Pass identified in the upper right corner. Find on your current "Purchased" pass and tap on the cancel link below it. If you need help or want us to verify that you pass is cancelled, contact us:

+ I want to change my password. I'm logged in, but I can't remember the old one to change it.

  1. Go to your Profile and log out.
  2. On the login screen, tap the "Forgot your password?" link. We'll send you an email with a temporary password so you can log in.
  3. Use that temporary password to log in to your account.
  4. Go to your Profile and tap on the Settings icon (upper left corner).
  5. On the Settings screen, tap on Change Password.
  6. Enter the temporary password into the Current Password field and you can create a new one.

+ How long does HiCast save archived game footage?

Three months since the date of your game. During this time, you can save highlights from this footage. Your saved highlights will remain available for the duration of your user account.

+ Can I save and purchase an entire game?

Unfortunately, not yet. We don’t have a way to export an entire game for you, but we’ve had this request often. We’ll continue to archive the game (and you can save your favorite highlights from the game) while our team explores ways in which we might be able to offer a game clipping service to make this possible. We totally understand why you'd want to save an important game, and we'll share this with you if and when we can make it possible.

+ How can I help make the HiCast Sports Network even better?

Give us your feedback! We'd love to hear your thoughts about the HiCast Sports Network experience.

+ How can I find out about new venues and stay up-to-date on HiCast news?

We’re adding new venues to our HiCast Sports Network as quickly as we can. The best way to find out about new ballparks, is to get our app and check the Venue listing, or check our map. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates, and subscribe to our Blog to keep up with our latest news.

Using App Features & Tips

+ How do I find a game?

You'll need to know the venue, field number or name, date, and time of your game, then watch our App Demo Video or follow these steps:

    ➊ On the main menu, tap Venues.

    ➋ Tap the venue name in our list, or find a venue by typing the location (name, city, or state) in the search field. You can sort the list of venues by proximity or alphabetically.

    ➌ The Venue screen will show a list of fields numbers or names. Tap a field to view games on that field. The display will show the current or most recent date available with game video. To choose a previous day, tap the date, then select the day on the calendar you want to see.

    ➍ Tap on the hour selector to choose the hour closest to your game time, then use the timeline below the video to fine-tine your time selection.

+ How do I delete a saved and/or shared highlight?

To delete a saved highlight you have created follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Highlights screen. On that screen, you will see thumbnail images of your highlights.
  2. On the highlight you want to delete, swipe the thumbnail image from right to left and it will reveal a trash icon on a red background. Tap that to delete the highlight.

To delete a highlight you shared to the HiCast Feed, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Profile screen. Scroll to the shared highlight you want to delete.
  2. Tap on the (...) below the video on the right side. This will reveal a menu.
  3. Tap on the DELETE item to delete the shared highlight.

+ How can I be sure that I'm using the latest and greatest version of the HiCast Sports app?

We're constantly making enhancements and improvements to our app and our technology platform, so be sure to turn on "Automatic Downloads" for "Updates" in your iTunes & App Store settings. If you currently have the Android version on your device, turn on "Auto-update apps" in your Google Play Store settings to ensure you're using our latest and greatest app version available. This way, any time we update our app, your device will automatically receive and install it.

+ What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

Just open the app or web viewer and tap on the "Forgot your password?" link below the password field on the log in screen. You will be asked to submit your username. If you can't remember your username, enter the email address you used to create your HiCast Sports account. We'll then send you an email with a temporary password and instructions to login in and reset your password.

+ What’s the quickest way to find and share great plays?

You'll need to use our app for this feature. The quickest way to find great plays is to see them happen live, whether you’re watching the game from the stands or from within our app. When a great play happens, tap the orange tag button to save the highlight. On the tag screen, you can quickly tag it using our tag options, and/or add a custom name to help you remember the moment. This is a great way to note the score, a player's name, or an inning to customize your game highlights.

All of your game highlights are saved in your Highlights screen, organized by date, time and your tags to make it easy for you to access, edit and share them whenever you like.

+ How can I share my highlight with family and friends?

You can share your highlights with family and friends beyond the HiCast Sports Network in three ways:

    ➊ You can connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account to your HiCast Sports account so when share your highlight on the Share screen, you can publish your highlight to our social network and your profile, and simultaneously share it to Facebook and/or Twitter. To connect these social accounts, go to your Profile, and tap the Settings icon in the upper left corner. On the Settings screen, tap Linked Social Accounts and then tap the Connect button for Facebook and/or Twitter.

    ➋ After you've shared your highlight in our social network, you can share the link to this highlight to anyone via instant message or email, or you can copy the link and share it any way you like. When viewers receive the link to your highlight, they can see it through a computer or mobile browser on their device, so our app is not needed to view the highlight. On your shared highlight, just tap the share icon below your highlight video in the HiCast Feed and a menu will appear. You can tap to share your highlight via message, email or copy a link to it.

    ➌ If you have an active HiCast Pass, you can also download a highlight to your device on the Preview Highlight screen. After you've edited your highlight, just tap the download icon in the lower left corner and this will download the highlight to your device.

+ Can I download my highlight? And what can I do with a downloaded highlight?

Yes, you can download your highlights for personal use if you have an active paid HiCast Pass and you follow our usage guidelines. Refer to our Terms of Use Agreement for details, but here's a summary of what you can do with your downloaded highlight:

  1. HiCast Sports Network owns the copyright to our content, including highlights you create and download. We grant you a license to download, view, edit and share your highlights for your personal use, not commercial use.

  2. You must retain our logo on the downloaded highlight. So, if you share your highlight in social media, you can't crop out or obstruct our logo on the video. And we appreciate it if you tag us #hicastsports so we can help you promote it. You can not add company logos on or around the downloaded highlight, or integrate the highlight into another video or digital asset for a company, as that would be considered commercial use.

  3. If a company, such as a media company, shares or retweets your highlight, no problem. We want you to gain as much exposure for your highlight as possible, but if a company wants your highlight for their use, they must contact us for written permission. For example, if a media company wants to feature your highlight in their television program or edit the highlight and feature it on their web site, they need to contact us for permission to use the highlight in this way.

To download a highlight, go to your Highlights screen and tap on the highlight you'd like to download. On the Preview Highlight screen, tap the download icon in the lower left corner of the screen to download the highlight to your device.

+ Can I share my highlights in Instagram or Snapchat?

Sure, but you've gotta retain our logo on the downloaded highlight. Instagram and Snapchat currently don’t make it possible for us to send your highlights from our HiCast Sports app directly to your Instagram and Snapchat accounts, so you first need to download your highlight to your device from the Preview Highlight screen using our app. Now, you can open the Instagram app or the Snapchat app and upload your highlight to share it with your followers. You'll need an active HiCast Pass to download highlights.

We can’t wait to see your highlights and we’d love to share them with our users around the world. When you share a highlight, be sure to tag us on the Share Highlight screen before you share it in your HiCast Feed so we can see it! We'll repost the ones we love best.