Promo Resources

Here you'll find resources to spread the word about your participation in the HiCast Sports Network. If you need something you don't see here, or if you have any questions about files or usage, please contact us. We're here to help!


Seven Ideas to Promote Your Coverage of Your Venue or Tourney


1. Add our announcement text and graphics to your email blasts to teams playing in each of your tournaments.

2. Hang our banners in highly-visible areas at your ballpark. We'll provide them to you.

3. Post one of our promo graphics on your homepage and have it link to your Promoter page. See the list of URLs below.

4. Post our tweet text and banner graphic to your Twitter account.

5. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we'll follow you back. Post our promo text and co-branded graphics in social media before and during each tournament.

6. Have your game announcers to read our announcement text before each game and between innings to remind folks we've got the game covered.

7. Encourage your staff to save and share game highlights and repost highlights from subscribers who visit your venue. Here's how to see all game highlights shared by subscribers from your venue. Tap the next button on the graphic to see how to repost a subscriber's highlight in the HiCast Feed to your profile.

Text Announcement: Facebook, Website & Email

Below is an announcement you can copy and paste into emails, blog posts, and social media posts. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and tag us when you share a post so we can share the love with our fans. Be sure to include a link to your Promoter URL within your emails and posts so we can track and credit subscriptions based on your promo efforts.


Audio Announcement Script for Live Audience


Tweet Text for Twitter

Below is <140 characters you can copy and paste into your Twitter posts. If you haven't already, follow us in Twitter and we'll follow you back. When you share a replay, please tag 'em with #hicastsports so we can find it and share the love with our own followers.

 This is our official (awesome) logo.

This is our official (awesome) logo.


Brand Assets: Logo File Download

Our logo files can be downloaded here. We've got 'em in EPS and AI (print use) formats and PNG and JPG (web use) formats.

Please use our color logo on white when possible. If you are placing our logo on a color background, use the all white version of our logo. Please follow our logo file usage guide carefully to help us build consistent HiCast Sports Network brand recognition. If you have any questions or need support on a co-branded piece, please contact us. We're happy to help!



Logo File Usage: Clear Space

It is important to maintain an ample amount of clear space around the HiCast Sports logo when pairing it with other logos, text or graphic elements. This clear space is defined by the width of the "H" in "HiCast."

 Clear space is defined by the width of the "H" in "HiCast"

Clear space is defined by the width of the "H" in "HiCast"



Promotional Graphics for Email, Web and Social Media
We've provided the banner, postcard graphics, and co-branded banners below as digital file downloads for your promotional use. If you need a specific size or format, let us know.


The "Print" download includes our outdoor banner file (3' x 5') which you can print for large display at your ballpark, or resize accordingly for brochures and print collateral.


The "Digital" download includes a web-friendly PNG version which you can resize and use for email blasts, Facebook and blog posts, as well as Tweets.


Digital Postcard

This digital download includes a web-friendly JPG version which you can resize and use for email blasts, Facebook and blog posts, we as well as Tweets.


Co-Branded Banners for Email, Web, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Posts

This digital download is specific to your venue and includes 6 co-branded graphics for email, web and social media posts.

Venue Promoter Program Signup Pages

Ballparks of America –

Baseball Heaven –

Baseball USA Powered by Marucci –

Buckhead Baseball –

Criswell Park –

Diamond Nation –

East Cobb Baseball –

Sports at the Beach –

Spring Klein Sports Association –

Traction Sportsplex –

Tyger River Park –

Tourney Organizer Promoter Program Signup Pages

Baseball Youth –

Triple Crown Sports (National) –

Triple Crown Southeast Baseball (GA & FL) –

USA Softball of South Carolina –

Texas USSSA –