Envisioning the Future of Entertainment

We're thankful and proud to have contributed our perspective in the creation of this compelling report on The Future of Entertainment According to AT&T Foundry created by AT&T Foundry, Ericsson, and Rocketspace. This report from The Futurist Report Series puts forward  10 Bold Projections:

1. User-generated content will become part of primetime television

2. Algorithms will enable the Gold Age of Storytelling

3. Media companies will be run by fans

4. A digital rights revolution will empower creators

5. A new media gateway will emerge as your TV Guide

6. Virtual assistants will win your living room (and your Connected Life)

7. Screens will be fluid, not fixed

8. Live experiences will transcend boundaries of time and space

9. Media will be emotionally intelligent

10. Immersive experiences will be full-sensory and social

We're aligned with and excited by these projections, and we believe that you – the player, the coach, the fan – should not only have access to the media you care about, but be empowered to save and share the memories that matter most to you.