Uniting to Support & Respect Umpires and the Game We Love


Can we be real with you? Recently we received an email from Triple Crown Sports making clear their commitment for enforcing respect for umpires, and we applaud that wholeheartedly. The men and women in blue behind the plate and on the field calling the game we all love are often targets of abuse. You've heard it and seen it as we have. It's a problem.

Many umpires we've met have been players or coaches just like you, and most are parents just like you. Umpires do this work on the field because they love the game, just like us. We won't always agree with an umpire's decision, but let's always respect that the decision is theirs to make. Let it go and move on to the next play. Will you join us in supporting and respecting umpires across all of our venues? Let's hold each other accountable to that. 

Photo above shows Central Georgia Umpires watching their field work and improving their skills at East Cobb Baseball Complex.