See the Moments That Matter™ from the Cal Ripken Major70 World Series Championship Games

Japan defeats Virginia 6-2 in the Cal Ripken Major70 World Series. Read the game summary by our media partner Youth1.

Virginia rallies in crazy 6th inning winning US National Championship at Cal Ripken Major70 World Series. Ready the game summary from our media partner Youth1.

We're so proud to have partnered with the Babe Ruth League to have covered the entire Cal Ripken Major70 World Series at Ballparks of America in Branson, Missouri, August 3 - 11, 2018. Beyond our standard wide-angle camera view on each field at the ballpark, we integrated the produced feed with pro-level commentary from our media partner Jock Jive for televised games within our HiCast Sports Network. Yep, we used our own HiCast Sports App to save the game highlights you see in the highlight reels above.

This integration of the live televised feed gave families and fans around the world the power to save and share game highlights as they happened on the field live. While we were in Branson, Missouri at the World Series, we could see that players and coaches were focused on each other, their performance, and enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience at Ballparks of America. Many teams bunked together in suites at the ballpark and had fun making new friends in the arcade or playing whiffle ball out under the lights in the evenings. But now that the World Series is over, players and coaches can replay their games and relive the memories from the entire tournament any time on-demand and save and share their Moments That Matter™ with the people who matter most.

"The fans were very excited. Every day, people were telling us what a wonderful experience it was to be able talk to the people back home who had just watched their games. We're very proud of our partnership with everyone here in Branson, especially HiCast." – Al Solanik, Tournament Director of the Cal Ripken Major70 World Series