We're on it!

Wow! Whoa. We've had a huge response since the launch of our newest app update, version 3.0, last Thursday. Since the launch, our team has been working to expand our capacity and refine our systems to manage this rapid growth in users and a significant increase in usage of our app.

During this time, we've been challenged to provide consistent live video coverage to all of our users, at all times. Please know that we're on it! And working 24/7 to enhance our platform over the next several days to keep up with growing demands so you'll see better and more consistent performance. Your games are important to all of us and we're committed to giving you the best experience possible. We appreciate your patience and continued support to help us make the HiCast Sports Network the best it can be.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact us at support@hicastsports.com so we can take care of you.