Huddle up! We've got big news.

Our goal is simple – to make HiCast Sports fun and easy-to-use so you can enjoy the game no matter where you are, and share your favorite highlights with people you love. Thanks to your feedback, we’re making major league improvements to your app experience and we're reinventing the replay!

Here are 4 new features we think you'll love …


Watch live-streamed, continuous game coverage and up to six months of archived events from our ballparks, as well as your favorite athletes’ game highlights in the app or on our website.


No more one-minute replays. Tag and save your favorite game highlights your way! You define when your memorable moment happens and we make it easy to zoom, trim and share it.


Create and share a highlight reel of your favorite plays from the game, tournament, or season using our super simple video editor.


Build a fan base and support the team by sharing your highlights in our HiCast feed. Published highlights get unique URLs so they're easy to share!


Will you join our team of beta testers?


Sign up now to join our team of beta testers for version 3.0 and share your feedback with us. It’s a simple process and we’ll guide you through it. Be one of the first 100 users to sign up and participate, we’ll give you a free three-month single-user pass. Get on the list!

What you need to do to get ready for 3.0


If you want to keep replays you’ve downloaded in our current app version 2.1, save 'em to your camera roll. Here's how. When you update to 3.0, you won't be able to access these replays. From here on out we’ll save your new highlights in our cloud-based locker room for safe keeping so you won't have to do this again. We apologize for any inconvenience, but moving forward it'll be totally worth it!

Questions or need help? Give us a shout!