Our latest app update is ready for you!

We've been working hard to continue to improve your experience with our HiCast Sports Network and we're excited to announce that our latest app update, version 3.03, is now ready for you. If your iOS device is set to auto update your apps, you've got it in your hands. If not, go to the App Store app and tap Updates. You'll find our HiCast Sports update waiting for you. 

In this update, we've squashed some bugs, improved video playback performance, and made some enhancements to your user experience. Now you can...

– Move forward and back in the event video timeline with more precision to find your favorite highlights. Tap the arrows to move second-by-second, or tap and hold to jump in 10-second increments.

– Get real-time camera status updates letting you know when a camera is live or temporarily down, and the ability to request a notification when the camera status changes.

– Follow all the highlights from your favorite venue. Just tap on the Search icon on the HiCast Feed screen and you'll see all user highlights sorted by venue. 

– Track your highlight views. When you share a highlight in our HiCast Feed, you can now see your number of views. Just tap on the views to see who liked your highlight.

We hope you love it, and we're here if you need any help. Check our Support page for answers to frequently asked questions or give us a shout support@hicastsports.com.