“One of our players hit a home run and unfortunately, his dad wasn’t there to see it, so a friend grabbed the replay and sent it to him! I’ve shared my own son’s big replays with friends on Facebook. We jot down the time of the play during the game, then go back and grab the replays after the game. It’s a great app for parents to be able to capture their kids’ big moments for a college portfolio or just for fun.”

Kelly Hale, Dad

"I’ve attended my grandsons’ baseball games ever since they were little. We went to almost all of them and I loved being there. This past year, it’s been hard because I haven’t been well enough to go to the games. That’s why HiCast has been so wonderful. I can watch my grandson play! It’s easy to navigate, and I’d highly recommend it to anybody.”

Joanelle Bell, Grandma