Does your highlight feature this year’s Most Valuable Play in youth baseball & softball?

We’re looking for the Most Valuable Plays – Best Offensive and Defensive Plays for Baseball and Best Plays for Fastpitch Softball– from user highlights shared in our HiCast Sports Network. We’ve teamed up with Rawlings to bring you a lineup of the hottest prizes around, including Rawlings Custom Gloves and the NEW 2020 Quatro Bats!

Who’s eligible to win?

All of our HiCast subscribers who shared highlights in our app’s HiCast Feed during 2019 before Fri., Nov 1, 2019 at 12:00am were automatically entered in the contest.

How does the contest work and what are the deadlines?

On Mon, Nov 11 at 3:00pm we’ll announce our Semi-Finalists for three categories: Offensive Play for Baseball, Defensive Play for Baseball, and Fastpitch Softball. Semi-Finalists will be selected from our HiCast Feed by our HiCast Sports team. Then, it will be time to cast your vote for one or more of our Semi-Finalists to help us narrow it down to the Top 10 Finalists. The Top 10 highlights in each category with the most votes by Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 12:00am will then move on to our Pro Ballplayer Judges. Our judges will award the Top 3 Winners for Best Offensive and Defensive Plays for Baseball and Top 3 Winners for Fast Pitch Softball. We’ll announce it on Tues, Dec 10, 2019. Good luck!

Awesome Prizes by


Top 3 Best Defensive Play for Baseball Winners

Rawlings Custom Glove ($459.95 value) – Winners choose your leather, fit, size and pattern, and customize everything from stitching, laces, color, liner, break-in and more. Create your custom glove just like the pros!


Top 3 Best Offensive Play for Baseball Winners

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Bat ($349.95 - $449.95 value) – Winners choose your bat for baseball or softball, certification, size and drop. More pop. More distance. There are no trade-offs with the NEW Quatro Pro. Hitters can be confident at the plate with the longest barrel in our lineup, an even larger sweet spot for more pop and now, incredible balance for faster swing speeds. Add the newly redesigned, stiffer handle-collar to reduce vibration and eliminate barrel drag and you have everything you need to Light 'Em Up! Check out the details.


Top 3 Plays for Fastpitch Softball

Rawlings Quatro Bat for Fastpitch ($349.95 value) or a Rawlings Custom Glove for Softball ($459.95 value) – Winners choice! The second generation of Quatro™ Pro does not disappoint. Proven on-field at the professional and collegiate level, the combination of an outer barrel and a suspended inner barrel offers the perfect balance of pop and speed every hitter desires. See the bats.



Top 10 Finalists for Each Category

Rawlings Covert Duffle Bag ($49.99 value) – This player's duffel bag is the perfect size for carrying all of your equipment. This bag features 2 side bat sleeve compartments for quick storage and access. The durable vinyl bottom and ventilated shoe compartment allow for moisture protection. Your pick of color: black, navy, royal blue or red


Top 25 Semi-Finalists for Each Category

Rawlings $25.00 Gift Card – Choose your own prize! We’ll send a unique winner’s promo code your way after we announce the 75 Semi-Finalists (25 in each category) on November 1. You’ve got until December 31, 2019 to choose a prize valued at $25 or less or apply your $25 toward any Rawlings gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I’ve already shared a highlight in the HiCast Feed, is my highlight automatically entered?

    Yes, if your highlight was saved and shared in 2019! If your HiCast Pass (paid subscription) is no longer active, but you shared your highlights in the HiCast Feed when it was active, you are still eligible.

  2. Who wins the prizes, the HiCast Sports user who saved and shared the highlight or the player(s) featured in the play?

    The HiCast Sports user who saved and shared the highlight in our app’s HiCast Feed is the eligible winner. The winner of the prize and can gift it to whomever they like, if they choose. We will identify the name of the featured player(s) to promote their amazing play.

  3. Is it possible for two or more of my highlights to win?

    Yes! We’re looking to award the best plays, so there is no limit to the number of your highlights that are eligible to win.

  4. If I saved a highlight, downloaded it, and share it in social media such as Instagram or Facebook, is it eligible to win?

    Nope. Your highlight must be shared in our app’s HiCast Feed. If you have a highlight, but have not yet shared it to our HiCast Feed, you can do that by Tues., October 31, 2018 at 11:59pm ET to enter. To view your saved highlights, tap on the “Highlights” screen and then tap on your highlight to view it. Next, tap “Share to HiCast” to submit it to our HiCast Feed. Or watch our app video demo to see how to save and share highlights. All highlights shared in our HiCast Feed are automatically entered.

  5. I’ve watched games, but I’ve never saved and shared a highlight. How do I do that?

    It’s super easy. Just watch this demo showing our app’s features. You can only save and share highlights using our app for iOS on your mobile device. It’s not yet possible to save and share highlights from our web viewer on your computer.

  6. How long does HiCast archive games? Can I save and share a play from the summer?

    We archive games for three months from date of play. For example, as of October 15, you can access games as far back as July 15, so don’t delay in saving and sharing your summer game highlights.

  7. Who chooses the Top 25 Semi-Finalists for Best Offensive Play and Best Defensive Play?

    Our HiCast Sports Network team chooses all Semi-Finalists from our HiCast Feed entrants at our discretion. We’re looking for the best of the best. All selections are final.

  8. What’s the deadline for highlight submissions to the HiCast Feed?

    Tues., October 31, 2019 by 11:59pm ET, which gives you plenty of time after watching the final game of the 2019 MLB World Series!

  9. How will I know if my highlight is selected as one of the Top 25 Semi-Finalists?

    We’ll announce Semi-Finalists and launch the vote site on Mon, Nov 11 att 3:00pm ET. Follow us in social media to stay posted! Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  10. Who were the 2018 MVP Award Winners? Can I see the winning highlights?

    You can see last year’s winners and their winning highlights right here.

  11. Why are there two categories for baseball and one for fast pitch softball?

    Across our network of venues, we cover a much higher percentage of baseball games than fast pitch softball, so highlights shared to our HiCast Feed reflect that. We’ve got a lot more baseball highlights to choose from, so having two categories dedicated to baseball and a single category for fast pitch softball gives us a chance to honor more winners.

    Have a question we haven’t answered? Give us a shout!